Secularfood Status: Uncertified

About this outlet

The Westminster Arms , is a well known pub in the busy Westminster area of London. It is regularly used by MPs due to it’s close proximity to the House of Commons and a division bell unique to the Westminster Arms alerts members of all parties to any imminent commons vote.

The Westminster Arms like all Shepherd Neame pubs and restaurants throughout the UK, has been classified by Secularfood – through verbal confirmation - as selling Standard (Conventional) Meat. The pub is normally busy with a mix of journalists, politicians, civil servants and tourists, which helps to create a bustling and friendly atmosphere.

About the Westminster Arms

The Westminster Arms London, is an excellent pub to visit for all types of occasions with the main bar being at street level. Upstairs is the more formal Queen Ann dinning room while the basement contains the more relaxed Storey’s wine bar. All food served is of the highest quality, be it a sit down meal in the dinning room or a bar meal with a pint. Most importantly all the food and drink is served by friendly and attentive staff.

This pub is well situated for both Westminster Abbey and the Queen Elizabeth 11 conference centre and is a must visit destination for all visitors to London and especially the Westminster area.



Westminster Arms Secularfood Status:

By the term ‘verbal confirmation’ we refer to food outlets that by word of mouth have confirmed their food status. Please contact the establishment for further validation.

* A ‘verbal confirmation’ is not a certified guarantee. An element of trust is involved. Only certified food outlets (confirmed by our third party validation) and displaying the  Logo can ensure that all meat or food is prepared using standard (conventional) meat.

** Secularfood reserves the right to remove, transfer or amend a company listing at any time, if a change of meat supplier or further information is received which alters the standard, halal, kosher or vegetarian Status of a restaurant or food outlet. All information on our website and directory is provided in good faith and for individual guidance purposes only.

Please email us at if you are aware of changes or updates that are required to any of the restaurants or food outlets listed on our directory. Change of owners or closed down etc.

Updated: 17/07/13