Toby Carvery London:   Part-halal.

Toby Carvery London;  The Toby Carvery chain of restaurants are owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers. Some of this pub and restaurant groups meat suppliers sell halal chicken resulting in the Chicken sold being a mixture of halal and secular (non halal) meat. All other meat is believed to be fully Secular (non-halal). 

A percentage of all Mitchells & Butlers Chicken sold in UK establishments is halal, this includes all the Toby Carvery London restaurants.  No establishments currently sell fully certified halal meals as part of their menu. Any other meat or products sold – outwith chicken – using for example beef and lamb, is Secular (non halal).

Mitchells & Butlers provide the following halal information on their Toby Carvery website  and state that they have ”no requirement for any of our suppliers to supply us with Halal certified meat. In Toby Carvery the meat on our decks – specifically our turkey and beef – are all non-Halal.” they also state that “In the UK, Halal classified meat can be both stunned and non-stunned. A small number of our suppliers do themselves choose to achieve a level of Halal certification for their produce”

Visit the Toby Carvery website for further information.

Toby Carvery Menu

All Carveries including any Toby Carvery London, provide the same classic menu, including beef, pork, turkey and glazed gammon, slow cooked to perfection. Veggie lovers will enjoy the wide selection of unlimited vegetables, roasties and mashed potatoes. There is also a wide selection of gravies and sauces to complement any dishes. kids, pudding and pub menus are also available, along with a wide variety of drinks.

Other chains that are also owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers include;

Sizzling Pubs, Vintage Inns, Harvester, Ember, Crown Carveries, Castle, Nicholson’s, Premium County Dining Group, O’Neill’s, Alex, All Bar One, Vintage Pub & Kitchen, Miller & Carter, Browns, Innkeeper’s Lodge and Oak Tree.

Toby Carvery London: Part-halal (chicken only)