FoodUmbrella Status: Standardmeat Certified

About this outlet

Plaza Indian Restaurant – The Balti Triangle’s First FoodUmbrella Outlet. 

Recommended by the FoodUmbrella for Visitors to Birmingham

With over 50 restaurants in Birmingham’s legendary Balti Triangle, we are delighted to announce that the Plaza Indian Restaurant has officially became the triangle’s first Standardmeat certified outlet. Authentic Indian non halal restaurant Birmingham

The Plaza:

The Plaza Indian restaurant prides itself on its ”Fine North Indian Traditional Punjabi Food,” which differentiates it from the more traditional East Indian and Pakistani cuisine found in balti restaurant. It is the only Sikh restaurant in the restaurant-filled area and the head chef is known as a master of innovative curry dishes, having won several awards.

As well as providing diners with a warm and friendly welcome, the Plaza non halal restaurant Birmingham has also previously been awarded the City Council Environmental Services Equivalent of the oscars. It provides a unique atmosphere with its friendly service and traditional Bollywood style background music,  which along with the food will satisfy anyone looking for an ‘authentic and tasty Indian non halal dining experience, which these days has become increasingly rare.

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