Non halal Indian restaurant Edinburgh 

Punjabi Junction non halal Indian restaurant Edinburgh is a Social enterprise café  run by local Sikh women. It is more café in style than restaurant and sells good honest Indian food. Situated only a 10 to 15 minute bus ride from Waverley Train Station, it is a true non halal Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

Recently featured on Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds,  BBC 2.

Talking about train stations the cafe formally known as Punjab’n de Rasoi was relaunched using their own uniquely created old Indian Train theme, ensuring that customers enjoy a new visual experience while dining For a friendly service and excellent food this is a place not to be missed.

Punjabi Junction Menu

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Curry Friday

No time to visit the cafe during the week, due to work commitments! no problem – Punjabi Junction has a special Curry Friday delivery service especially for office workers. Place your order before 12pm and have it delivered to your place of work before 5pm – just take it home, heat and enjoy. Or why not freeze for a later date. Traditional non halal Indian food at its best!

Outside catering and other services

Non halal outside catering service available for any occasions, cooking classes and deli. Please visit the Punjabi Junction website for full details.

Punjabi Junction non halal Indian restaurant Edinburgh

This restaurant has been deemed a Standardmeat restaurant and selling standard (conventional) meat by both verbal confirmation and the cafes own declarations. If you are looking for a truly traditional non halal Indian restaurant Edinburgh and a unique non halal dining experience the Punjabi Junction is well worth a try!   Authentic non halal and vegetarian Indian cuisine

Punjabi Junction:  FoodUmbrella Status

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Punjabi Junction non halal Indian restaurant Edinburgh

Traditional non halal Indian Cuisine