Nandos Covent Garden Menu Information (part-halal) Mixed meat

Nandos Covent Garden; This restaurant is not fully halal, although part of the meat supply used in this restaurant is halal. Presently no halal option menu is available in this store, if you require a fully halal Nando’s please visit  London – Bayswater

At Secularfood we endeavour to highlight every restaurants meat origin policy for the benefit of all communities. In this respect Nando’s menu, and of course Nando’s chicken (famous for its taste), are two areas that people continue to ask the following question of:

Is Nando’s halal or is it in fact selling traditional Standard meat?

There are presently no confirmed traditional Standard meat Nando’s restaurants in the UK.

On the question and answer section of the companies own website they state:

“We serve Halal chicken in restaurants where local demand for that particular product is high, combined with various other business factors. We welcome everyone into our restaurants, regardless of their beliefs. Because welfare is such a big priority for us, all of our chickens are pre-stunned as part of the preparation process.

Approximately one fifth of our restaurants are clearly labelled as serving Halal chicken, and a small proportion of all the chicken sold in our other restaurants is Halal.  Nando’s suppliers adhere to the strictest standards set down by the British Retail Consortium and all our suppliers are independently audited to ensure these standards are met.“  

Nando’s own menu information

The simple answer, therefore, is that some of Nando’s UK establishments are 100% halal, which includes both Nando’s Chicken and (beef) Prego Steak rolls.

According to the above statement all of Nando’s other restaurants including this Nandos Covent Garden outlet, sell mixed meat (a mixture of halal and secular non halal meat). Therefore in all of their UK restaurants either full halal or mixed meat is being served, although only fully halal stores are labelled as halal.

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As restaurants may change food suppliers for a variety of reasons including cost, availability, quality and meat origin, please contact Nando’s directly, if more information is required.

Nandos Covent Garden London