McDonalds London – Secular (non halal)

McDonalds London: Presently all UK McDonalds restaurants - including all of McDonalds London outlets - have been Verbally confirmed as Secular (Non halal).

McDonalds Menu

McDonalds restaurants are the UK’s Largest chain of Hamburger fast-food restaurants. McDonalds menu offers a broad variety of beef burgers, chicken burgers and French fries, as well as a selection of hot or cold drinks. Its desert menu contains a variety of milkshakes, iced drinks and ice-creams. Breakfasts menu is usually available until 11.00 am and consist mainly of hot filled muffins and bagels.

There is also a range of salads and fish burgers for non meat eaters, while throughout the year McDonalds provides limited-time seasonal and special ranges to enhance their everyday menu.

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McDonalds Secular Status

By the term ‘verbal confirmation’ we refer to restaurants and other types of outlets that by word of mouth have confirmed their status as selling food which has not been religiously slaughtered. Please contact restaurant for further validation.

*It should be borne in mind that a ‘verbal confirmation’ is not a certified guarantee. An element of trust is involved. Only certified restaurants (confirmed by our third party validation) can ensure that food is 100% secular (non halal).

** Secularfood reserves the right to remove, transfer or amend a company listing at any time, if a change of meat supplier or further information is received which alters the secular, halal, kosher or vegetarian Status of a restaurant or food outlet.

All information on our website and directory is provided in good faith and for individual guidance purposes only

McDonalds London: Secular non halal restaurant