Greggs Bakery:  Part- Halal 

Greggs bakery has now verbally confirmed to Secularfood that part of the meat used in all their UK outlets is Halal. They stated that the chicken used for their hot pasties is Certified Pre-stunned halal, while the chicken used in their cold sandwich range is from a UK supplier and may or may not be certified halal. Further information from Greggs is required on this matter, as Secularfood has been provided with details stating that all Greggs chicken is certified halal.

A Greggs representative stated that she was unable to confirm details about any other type of meat used in their bakery, due to the different suppliers. No further information was available.

Vegetarian alternatives are available, although they are not advertised as fully vegetarian due to the fact that meat products are made, prepared and stored in close proximity.

About Greggs

Greggs is the largest bakery chain in the United Kingdom and specialises in products such as pasties, sausage rolls, steak bakes and sandwiches. Sweet items include a wide selection of cakes and biscuits, with its main headquartered being in the north of England (Newcastle upon Tyne). The company has expanded nationally while managing to ensure that all bakery outlets maintain the same core menu and high standards of customer service. Local specialities are available at Greggs and vary from region to region, with limited seasonal ranges of cakes and pasties also on sale at various times throughout the year.

Greggs pride themselves on being the Home of Fresh Baking and regardless of where you live or visit in the UK, chances are a Greggs will be close at hand. Breakfast, lunch and a selection of hot or cold drinks are readily available throughout the day.

No separate halal or Vegetarian option menu

Please note;  Although Greggs chicken has been confirmed as certified halal meat it cannot be sold or classified as fully halal due to the fact that it is prepared and cooked next to other meats. There is currently no separate halal option or vegetarian option menu available at any Greggs bakery in the UK. Presently there are no confirmed Greggs in the UK selling only traditional standard meat.

For further clarification on any individual Greggs product or before purchasing a product, please contact Greggs for more details.

*It should be borne in mind that a ‘verbal confirmation’ is not a certified guarantee. An element of trust is involved. Only certified restaurants (confirmed by an independent third party validation service, as provided by Secularfood) can ensure that food is labelled correctly in restaurants and other types of food outlets.

** Secularfood reserves the right to remove, transfer or amend a company listing at any time, if a change of meat supplier or further information is received which alters the secular, halal, kosher or vegetarian Status of a restaurant or food outlet.

All information on our website and directory is provided in good faith and for individual guidance purposes only.

Greggs Bakery Part-Halal