L’Chaim’s:  Glatt kosher food Edinburgh

L’Chaim’s is Scotland’s premier Kosher restaurant and although based in Glasgow it covers Edinburgh and the whole of Scotland. Whether you live in Scotland or are visiting for holiday or business L’Chaim’s can supply all your kosher needs.

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If you are visiting anywhere in Scotland for business or pleasure and need Kosher Food. L’Chaim’s Kosher meals come double wrapped and can be heated in any Hotel or Apartment Oven or Microwave. L’Chaim’s can also arrange to meet you at Glasgow or Edinburgh Airport/Train station and hand you your meals.

The L’Chaim’s restaurant is under the supervision of the West of Scotland kashrus Commission and the personal supervision of Rabbi Chaim and Mrs Sora Jacobs who personally supervise the kashrus of the restaurant to the same high standards they observe in their own home.

Glatt Kosher food Edinburgh

Kosher Food Edinburgh: Are you looking for excellent Glatt Kosher food in the Edinburgh area? Then look no further than the L’chaim’s restaurant. It is the only fully Glatt Kosher restaurant and supplies Kosher food throughout Scotland. Whether visiting or living in Edinburgh or any other part of Scotland then L’Chaim’s can supply you with Kosher food at it’s very best!

Recommended by Secularfood for Visitors to the Commonwealth Games 2014 and for any other visitors to Scotland

About L’Chaim’s

This is a first class Glatt kosher restaurant with an excellent list of popular Kosher wines. For a real Kosher dining experience then L’Chaim’s is a must visit restaurant: perfect for business lunches/meetings, family occasions or just a relaxing night out. L’Chaim’s are Makpid on Bishul Yisroel and Bishul Akum at all times, for more details of the restaurants Kashrus Policy please visit the L’Chaim’s website.

Along with this Special restaurant there is also the opportunity to visit the excellent Sora’s Café (kosher café menu) or why not enjoy L’Chaim’s great food at home by ordering a kosher takeaway meal. For more details about L’ Chaim’s menu please click on the link below or visit the L’Chaim’s website.

L’Chaim’s takeaway menu,delivery food menu and price list (pdf)

To dine at the restaurant pre-booking is essential. To eat at Sora’s lunch time café no booking is required.

Café opening times: Tuesday – Thursday; 12.00 – 2.00 pm

The restaurant can be easily reached from the Centre of Glasgow by car or public transport via the M77 and A77. It is also well placed for a number of local attractions including the Burrell Collection, Pollock country park, Rouken Glen Park and the large Silverburn Shopping Centre.

Kosher food Scotland

Along with a Kosher Takeaway service L’Chaim’s also provide a Kosher food (Kosher Meal) delivery service, throughout Scotland and for any business or family occasions L’Chaim’s also have a reputation for providing kosher catering to the highest standards.

Glatt Kosher Food Edinburgh - for all occasions

L’Chaim’s:  Glatt kosher food Edinburgh