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First Secularfood Restaurant In Wolverhampton

Non halal – Recommended by Secularfood for Visitors to Wolverhampton

With its commitment to using only the ‘finest of ingredients’, we are delighted to announce that the Diva Indian Restaurant has officially became the first Secularfood Restaurant selling only standard (conventional) meat in Wolverhampton.

Authentic Indian Non Halal Restaurant Wolverhampton

About The Diva:

The Diva restaurant’s pledge is simple – use only the finest of ingredients, cook them with the greatest of attention to detail and give an efficient and courteous service. The food is cooked fresh to order and is based on the authentic recipes inspired by the people and the rich culture of the Punjab.

However it is not only a matter of quality. It’s healthy eating too. At the Diva they don’t use any artificial colouring or preservatives. The use of oil in cooking is also minimised and no trans-fats or gm ingredients are used. For a truly authentic non halal dining experience and great Indian food, the Diva is not to be missed!

Fantastic atmosphere –  Pre-cinema meal – Excellent non halal restaurant Wolverhampton  

Diva Lunch Menu (pdf)

Diva Evening Menu (website)

Diva Set Menu (pdf)

Diva Take Out Menu (Coming Soon)

Diva Childrens Menu (pdf)


Non Halal Restaurant Wolverhampton

Fully Certified Secularfood Restaurant : Truly Authentic Indian Food

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