Di Maggio’s Glasgow: Part-halal

The Di Maggio Group has confirmed that the chicken used in all their restaurants including Di Maggio’s, Amerone, Barolo Grill and Café Andaluz is halal. All other meat including beef and lamb is Secular (non halal).

Due to possible cross contamination of meats during cooking, the halal chicken purchased from their suppliers although fully halal, cannot be sold or labelled as 100% halal. Vegetarian and meat free pasta options are available in all restaurants for any customers who may not be able to eat meals containing meat, please ask in store for details or check menu details on-line. Vegetarian and glutton free dishes are clearly listed on all menus.


Di Maggio’s is a  Group of Italian – American restaurants that provide an ideal setting for an enjoyable meal, from pre- theatre dining, office parties through to more formal occasions like birthdays and family celebrations. Di Maggio’s are situated in easy to find location including Royal Exchange Square, West End, Theatreland, Shawlands, Hamilton, Airdrie and East Kilbride. For further information on dietary issues please contact Di Maggio’s head office or visit the Di Maggio’s website. All restaurants also provide a pick-up only take away service.

Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group:

Other chains –  Amarone (Glasgow and Edinburgh), Barolo Grill (Glasgow City Centre), Café Andaluz (Glasgow and Edinburgh)