222 Veggie Vegan: Fully Vegetarian Restaurant London

This restaurant has verbally confirmed to Secularfood that their menu is both fully Vegetarian and Vegan.     

Vegetarian restaurant London

222 Veggie Vegan Vegetarian restaurant London opened it’s doors in November 2004. The company behind the restaurant was established in 2002 by three friends, all lifetime veterans of vegetarian/vegan food and lifestyle. The vision was to provide great tasting, health promoting food to the general public. For the first year the enterprise focused on outside catering but then in late 2003 took over a premises in North End Road, West Kensington and began the long task of converting it into the vegetarian/vegan restaurant that was envisioned by the founders.

The restaurant is run by Ben Asamani, one of the founders, who is a highly trained international chef of vegetarian and vegan food. Ben is a person who rejects the notion that healthy food is rough and unattractive. Ben is always willing to create dishes that stimulate your taste buds, giving consideration to texture and appearance and to nutritional value — a top class chef with a God-given talent for cooking.

222 Veggie Vegan:  Food Status

By the term ‘verbal confirmation’ we refer to restaurants and other types of food outlets that by word of mouth have confirmed their food status. Please contact restaurant for further validation.

*It should be borne in mind that a ‘verbal confirmation’ is not a certified guarantee. An element of trust is involved. Only certified restaurants (confirmed by third party validation) can ensure that food is fully Vegetarian or Vegan.

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222 Veggie Vegan: Vegetarian restaurant London