What are the best dietary habits for improving your fitness levels and nutrition? We provide you with a helpful “10 Point Plan”…

With a constant flood of information on the internet, in the newspapers and magazines; all having competing claims about what dietary habits are the most effective for improving health and well-being, it can often be hard to keep abreast and discern the “wheat from the chaff” of dietary advice.

In this short, educational article we provide the “The Holistic 10 Point-Plan“, an easy to follow food tip guide for developing good dietary habits.


The Holistic 10-Point Plan

1): A good dietary habit is to begin the day, every day, with a regimen involving a balance of fibre and protein. Fibre helps prevent constipation while protein protein-packed foodstuffs fill you up, which means that you’ll probably eat less throughout the day. Remember this handy little dictum: Take as much fibre as bran and more protein than eggs.

2): A good dietary habit is to always bake, grill or roast your meat in preference to frying it. Frying gives you unnecessary fat, kills nutrients and could create harmful carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). For example, studies have found that frying potatoes to make chips births the deadly chemical carcinogen known as ”acrylamide”.

3) The exception to this rule is stir frying which actually acts to preserve your food’s nutrients while making it tastier overall. A well-done stir fry with vegetables, some sauce and a healthy supplement such as tofu mixed in, is therefore our good dietary habit number 3.

4) A great dietary habit is to cut down on the amount of salt used in your foods.  Salt leads to higher blood pressure and water retention. This can be especially bad, therefore, for older people who might be in blood pressure and/or water tablets.

5) Aim to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Don’t think you can get by on less.

6) Have a big breakfast. Believe it or not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner is preferable, since you will eat less throughout the day.

7) If you enjoy eating sugary foods (a little too much) then you need to cut back. Supplement your loss of sugar with some natural honey in your porridge and learn to like plainer tasting foods.

8) Drink water with every meal: breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and at night.

9) Eat organic products to reduce chemical exposure.

10) Finally, eat less red meat. It is high on saturated fats.


So there you have it, the Holistic Dining Blog‘s “Ten Point Plan” for maximizing your daily health, losing weight and feeling good about yourself.

Be sure to keep up with us weekly for more reinvigorating food tips and helpful reminders for your regimen.

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